Welcome to my internet home! This site will give you details about where I’ve worked, what I’ve done and who I’ve worked with. It also covers a little bit about my family life and interests outside the office.


Skills & Experience

I have 21 years of experience, including 14 as a full-time employee. Learn more about the specific areas I’ve worked in.

Software & Internet

I have used more than 25 software programs and professional internet sites. Check out those details here.

Work Samples

Want to take a closer look at some of my work? A variety of samples from recent jobs are included on this page.

Freelance Work

I have done sports freelance work for more than 25 networks and organizations. This page provides more detail.

My Family

My wife, daughter and I live in St. Louis. We have family in/near Indianapolis, Evansville, Atlanta, New Orleans and Chicago.

Let’s Talk

317-501-3627 (call/text)